portrait of me shot by @joshuabgeyer

portrait of me shot by @joshuabgeyer

Welcome to my creative outlet! I'm Jacqueline, but everyone calls me Jaxx. If you ask me, I'd tell you I am a woman that likes to wear many hats in life (not literally).

I'm an outspoken, DIY/Cat Enthusiast. I refuse to pay for things I can make myself and I also enjoy holding my cat while telling him I love him, as he desperately tries to get away. Taking pictures of my friends, family, strangers, places, or just about anything that catches my eye is a favorite passion of mine. In recent years I discovered my love for cooking; I realized the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, also I save a lot more money if I cook at home.

Traveling, fashion, interior decorating are other things I am keen on. 

Born and raised a New Jersey Native, I've never felt like l I belonged until I stepped foot onto the Big Apple in 2011. New York City's diversity and fast-pace style feels like home to me. There is never a dull moment here and I can't wait to see what, who, where I end up next.

*If I've inspired you in anyway to get creative or make healthier lifestyles changes, then I have accomplished my goal.



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